Standard callout fee to assess the cause of the issue. Includes the first hour of work to try and fix the fault and report of any parts required and costs. If further parts are required we will provide the costs of parts and lablour before attending.

Property Inspection

  • All parts are sourced from our suppliers and we use numerous suppliers to find the customer the best price for the required timescale. Sometimes when a part is needed urgently it may cost slightly more rather than waiting a few days for delivery from other suppliers. All parts are new and most come with a manufacurers warranty. 

  • All parts fitted come with their own manufacturers warranty and work carried out comes with a 3 month warranty.

    Where a part needs to be replaced under warranty we will purchase the new part and send the old one back to the supplier or manufacturer

    Where work is warranted we will attend and assess the issue and if deemed a warranty claim we will fix whilst attending.